Conde de Siruela Gran RESERVA Modificada
Type: Tinto Gran Reserva
Type: D.O. Ribera del Duero
Type: 100% Tempranillo (Tinto Fino)
Type: Traditional in stainless steel tanks, with 100% destemmed grape, 3 or 4 traced daily. Fermentation temperature controlled at 25-30 ° C for 20-25 days. Later discovered leaving it to rest before the filling of barrels.
Type: De 24 a 36 meses con trasiegos cada 3 ó 6 meses.
Type: At least 24 months before its market. Lying in metal cages in an underground ship where they do not exceed 16 ° C in temperature.
Type: 85% roble americano 15% roble francés
Type: 13,5% - 14% Vol.

Wine-tasting card

Colour Cherry Red, bright and clear with good depths.
Aroma Clean nose, highly complex bouquet, with hints of balsam and vanilla.
Mouth A very well-made wine, smooth but with powerful flavours, long, full finish with attractive nuances of aged wine and fruit in the aftertaste. Powerful
Serving temperature 18 °C
Recommended for Red meat and roasts.

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