Miralmonte roble
Type: Tint Roble / Oaky Red wine
Type: D.O. Toro
Type: 100% Tinta de Toro
Type: Traditional filling in stainless steel vats. It is pumped-over between 2 and 3 times a day during 10-15 days at a fermentation controlled temperature of 25-27 °C. Subsequently, wine is run-off and left to settling before barrels are filled.
Type: De 3 a 4 meses según la edad de las barricas.
Type: De 3 a 4 meses según la edad de las barricas.
Type: 100% roble americano / american oak
Type: 13,5% - 14% Vol.

Wine-tasting card

Colour Clean and brilliant, intense, vivid, finely layered morello cherry red with bluish and purplish hues.
Aroma Intense aromas reminiscent of green and ripe fruit of wild berries (mulberry, blackberry).
Mouth Highly-structured, full-bodied and fruity, lingers at the back of the nose, leaving a pleasant tannic sensation.
Serving temperature 16 °C- 18 °C
Recommended for Meat dishes and roasts.

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