Frutos Villar wine in Danish supermarkets and gift company Muruve in a Dutch bank

The red wines of Bodegas Frutos Villar this Christmas will be very present in the tables of Dutch and Danish, as until now there have reached a significant number of bottles. In the case of the Netherlands, supply chain Rooswinkel HCV, one of the most important the country, will market 60,000 bottles of red wine from Toro, some of them in baskets and lots of Christmas. This is an important export volume for a single buyer, as explained by the head of the export of wine, José Luis Villar, who also attended a tasting for weeks for the Christmas season in Denmark, which managed to close the purchase Toro red wine by the financial institution Muruve Sparkasse. This includes Savings broth for Frutos Villar excellence in corporate holiday gifts, which means that customers and partners will have the opportunity to taste Muruve in a country that is now opened as a market for this winery.

Frutos Villar studies the incidence of oak in Toro wine quality

Studying the impact of the origin of oak in the composition and sensory quality of wines from the Toro for its barrel aging is the subject of the grant awarded by ADE and held Isabel Montes-Jovellar under the guidance of the winemaker Bodegas Frutos Villar, Nuria Peña. The study, which will last about a year, will focus on the evolution of a red bull harvest in 2008 based on the control wine (no oak aging) after having stored in Bordeaux barrels of 225 liters oak from different backgrounds, all new, leading coopers and subjected to different roasting processes, which may also be changing during the process to see how it behaves the wine during aging in different barrels. The findings of this study scholarship the Junta de Castilla y León will be novel, because although there are some made none has yielded results as complete and as beneficial in its application. And Frutos Villar’s will no doubt in mind when developing their Toro wines, marketed under the name and Miralmonte Muruve.

Toro wines are gaining ground in Galicia

Over 600 people attended the October 26th presentation of the wines produced by 32 wineries in Vigo and organized by the Council of the Designation of Origin Toro. Shields Manor Hotel hosted the promotional event at which professionals were invited catering, hospitality or distribution to toresanos wines tasted. The regulator’s chairman, Amancio Moyano, gave a positive assessment of this new promotional event with which it has sought to « raise awareness of local wines and the best way is that you can prove. » During this presentation, industry professionals Regulatory Board thanked the initiative because « consider it very positive that in time can taste different wines. » With this presentation, we have tried to increase sales of the wines on the market toresanos Galician although according to the views expressed in this act, it is increasingly demanding more, although it still dominates the consumption of wines from Rioja.

DO Cigales presented in Madrid their red and rosé wines

The Denomination of Origin Cigales held on Thursday presented its rosé and red wines in the halls of Occidental Miguel Angel Madrid. The ceremony will take place from 12 to 21 hours, will be presenting most of the wineries benefit from attending the denomination with their respective brands. The heads of the 15 wineries will hold a tasting oriented professionals Wine of the Community of Madrid. Each in its stand will offer visitors the best wines, and any explanation concerning its design and technical qualities

Bodegas Frutos Villar gets 50% raise the consumption of red wines in Europe

odegas Frutos Villar has managed to increase wine exports to Europe by 50% from the year 2009. Is the data that throws the balance of the first half of this year, well above the next marcandoel wine sector in Spain, who in the first half of the year was up 16% over the same period of 2009 (data Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market). This increase is mainly due to the entrance of Toro wines that makes Frutos Villar, and Miralmonte Muruve in the Aldi supermarket chain in Belgium, a very strong distribution group and settled in the Netherlands and Central Europe, and who will hold over 25,000 bottles in 2010, under the agreement reached between the representatives of both companies. Frutos Villar also has more output to European countries to its winery red Ribera del Duero, an increase in demand caused by the good results obtained in these wines have extremely important international competitions. The balance sheet and increased sales in other countries, also accompanied by good figures recorded in the Spanish market

Muruve obtenir un Gold et Silver Awards dégustation « King of Hearts »

Last Monday was held the Ninth Edition of the « King of Hearts » Tasting Club California, which won gold medal Gran Reserva 2003 LIBER Liberalia wineries, Amant 2008 Oak Toresanas wineries and cellars, and Muruve 2009 Young Frutos Villar. A total of 22 tasters evaluated through blind tasting, the samples submitted by the participating wineries. The Silver went to reserve Valbusenda 2004, Muruve young oak 2007 and Peñamonte 2009. The Bronze for Sobrena and Freedonia.

Calderona Élite Rosé in the « Dinners with Stars » in Castile and Lion

Villena restaurant closing next Friday, June 25, the initiative Gourmet « Dinner with Stars », which has allowed six months with menus prepared by some of the most important chefs of Castilla y León, from the restaurants – all with Michelin-star Cocinandos (León), Ramiro’s (Valladolid), The Hermit (Benavente), El Rincon de Antonio (Zamora), Victor Gutierrez (Salamanca and Villena (Segovia). Eight chefs have combined their talents in six events gastronomic reference, which began in January and end on Friday June 25 in Segovia, and for the final race of our wines, the Rosado Calderona Elite, has been chosen to accompany the creations produced by the Michelin stars.