Toro wines have a long tradition. Its origins predate even the settlement of the Romans in the area. Has always been high quality wines, very appreciated.

In the Middle Ages for its extraordinary quality, it was granted royal privileges that allowed marketing in cities where the sale other wines was prohibited. In that tradition in winemaking have been sipping from generation to generation and today are made true wonders in the area.

Frutos Villar was the first winery to settle and market wines from Toro, 1920.


At the beginning of this century the professional career of the Frutos Villar family began in the regional wine market, contracting and selling locally wines of the Denomination of Origin Toro.

From its beginnings, Frutos Villar has been characterized by looking for quality among the small winemakers who could not satisfy the demand of the existing market, always attending to the demands and preferences of the customers.

Such was the expansion and development of this incipient family business that first, in the year 1920 and due to the increasing demand constitutes the first winery in the locality of Toro (Zamora – Spain) with the purpose of to surpass and to improve the production, in successive years acquires own vineyard with a total extension of 94 Hectares.

The choice of the location of this first winery lies in the fact that Toro is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Spain, characterized by the quality and originality of its reds.