In a constant concern for the quality of our wines, 100 hectares of vineyards are acquired in Cigales, where a select group of wine growers from the area contribute the rest of the grapes needed after passing a thorough control by our winery.

The rippling of the terrain is a lightweight, although sufficient protection of a vineyard capable of slow ripening. This is why its best known wines are pink, aromatic, with a peculiar flavor as a result of the assemblage of great number of varieties such as verdejo, tempranillo, albillo and garnacha. On the other hand red wines come from the tempranillo variety.


The wines produced in the Ribera del Duero come from 160 hectares of carefully selected vineyards belonging to 51 winemakers encouraged to participate in the Ribera del Duero project of the Frutos Villar family.

Located in a special area, facing the Douro River and protected by its basin, our vineyards are planted in floodplains. It is in these payments, with the planting of new vineyards, where more investments have made Bodegas Santa Eulalia.

The plantations are arranged in two formations: Vase with pruning on thumbs and back with pruning in cord.

Our vineyards produce different varieties, the main one is the Country Ink “Tempranillo”, then Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Malbec.


The centuries-old experience in the Toro region, along with the effort, dedication and good work of Frutos Villar has been rewarded with the fidelity of the winemakers of the area who hold the highest quality vineyards that, together with their own 99 hectares, contribute the raw material needed to produce the best of this land.

With barren terrain that retains the heat and a more southern and sunny vineyard, it has warm red wines with a great tannin and color, with a very tasty palate, is perhaps the oldest red wine area in Spain.



It has been chosen to acquire 71 hectares of vineyard and create the Don Frutos and Tasco brands, which will serve to produce a wine of great quality and strong personality, despite not being attached to any Denomination of Origin.

Our concern leads us to invest both in technological assets and in the acquisition of vineyards, in order to go beyond year after year and satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients