Muruve get a Gold and Silver Awards Tasting “Rey de Copas”

Last Monday was held the Ninth Edition of the “King of Hearts” Tasting Club California, which won gold medal Gran Reserva 2003 LIBER Liberalia wineries, Amant 2008 Oak Toresanas wineries and cellars, and Muruve 2009 Young Frutos Villar. A total of 22 tasters evaluated through blind tasting, the samples submitted by the participating wineries. The Silver went to reserve Valbusenda 2004, Muruve young oak 2007 and Peñamonte 2009. The Bronze for Sobrena and Freedonia.

Calderona Élite Rosé in the “Dinners with Stars” in Castile and Lion

Villena restaurant closing next Friday, June 25, the initiative Gourmet “Dinner with Stars”, which has allowed six months with menus prepared by some of the most important chefs of Castilla y León, from the restaurants – all with Michelin-star Cocinandos (León), Ramiro’s (Valladolid), The Hermit (Benavente), El Rincon de Antonio (Zamora), Victor Gutierrez (Salamanca and Villena (Segovia). Eight chefs have combined their talents in six events gastronomic reference, which began in January and end on Friday June 25 in Segovia, and for the final race of our wines, the Rosado Calderona Elite, has been chosen to accompany the creations produced by the Michelin stars.

Cigales wines to the conquest of Cantabria

The Denomination of Origin Cigales introduced Wednesday in the city of Santander more than 70 pink and red of the 18 wineries that were present in the Wine Hall Hotel Bahia. The ceremony was attended by the president of the Cigales, Pascual Herrera Garcia, who highlighted the importance of acts like this “to continue to occupy a prominent place with the pink Cigales in this locality, and to raise awareness of the wide range of wines Tempranillo reds that are getting so much success in international markets . The heads of the 18 wineries were those which have a taste for wine industry professionals from the region of Cantabria, who attended this event which aims to raise awareness of Cigales reds that have achieved “an enormous recognition by critics and rediscover Cigales pink wines made famous in the area and who have taken the path of modernity, “explained sources Control Board.

Three wines Frutos Villar eligible for the Quality Awards Cigales

Pink Ten, ten breeds and ten young wines under 12 months in barrels of the Cigales of 14 wineries in the name passed to the end of the First Quality Awards Cigales. One from each category will rise with the award for best pink, best red and best red young parenting the Cigales. Three of our wines are selected in as many categories to clinch the award. This is the Pink and breeds Ansúrez Conde and Conde Calderona Ansúrez. The final will be held next Sunday 16 May at the new cultural center Cigales, “Las Peñuelas. The town of Duenas Palencia hosted the precata of 66 red and pink have competed in this new annual event which recognizes the best wines of the Appellation. Specifically, 24 participants pink, 2009, 18 young red wines (up to twelve months in oak) and 24 red breeds (over twelve months in oak) produced by wineries benefiting from the Cigales. The tasting wines that have been selected was passed to the final by three juries of 10 wine experts and winemakers Winemakers Association of Castile and Leon.

In total, 30 professionals under the direction of the president of the Association of Winemakers and Technical Director CRDO Cigales, Agueda del Val. Scores tasting sheets of 30 engineers selected the 10 pink and 20 red wines to be reviewed the end of May 16. It will also be awarded one of the winemakers of the PDO especially for its experience and dedication to the cultivation of vineyards, which is the basis of our excellent wines.

Bodegas Frutos Villar in

Bodegas Frutos Villar has appeared in the newspaper supplement digital wines Fortunately, the momentum of some companies that have fought to change the image of the DO – based on making good wines, of course – has made today things are radically different: it creates new wineries, announced investments of powerful groups winemakers and also all the historical cellars were there – including cooperatives – have signed up to the car quality.