odegas Frutos Villar has managed to increase wine exports to Europe by 50% from the year 2009. Is the data that throws the balance of the first half of this year, well above the next marcandoel wine sector in Spain, who in the first half of the year was up 16% over the same period of 2009 (data Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market). This increase is mainly due to the entrance of Toro wines that makes Frutos Villar, and Miralmonte Muruve in the Aldi supermarket chain in Belgium, a very strong distribution group and settled in the Netherlands and Central Europe, and who will hold over 25,000 bottles in 2010, under the agreement reached between the representatives of both companies. Frutos Villar also has more output to European countries to its winery red Ribera del Duero, an increase in demand caused by the good results obtained in these wines have extremely important international competitions. The balance sheet and increased sales in other countries, also accompanied by good figures recorded in the Spanish market