Last May 18, the qualification tasting of the 2016 vintage of the wines of the Cigales Denomination of Origin was held, where a group of national and international tasters, winemakers, tasted the different wines of this denomination, both red and rosé , And white. The result was an EXCELLENT vintage.

According to Julio Valle, President of the Regulatory Council, the assessment responds to the “know-how of winegrowers” and farmers in the area and for that reason he was satisfied with the result given by a group of national and international experts who have granted the highest recognition to the grapes 2016.

The tasting consisted of a white wine, four pinks and five reds. The tasters have analyzed the organoleptic characteristics in the visual, olfactory and gustatory phases. According to the technical director of the denomination, Águeda del Val, began with a target since, since in 2011 as a result of the change in the regulations of the denomination, it was already allowed to taste a white wine in Cigales. The first pink was “very pale”, which is what the market is demanding. The next three were the Cigales classics, and finally the red ones, two are young people already on the market and the rest, they are cries of 2016, that is, they are starting to grow old. It has been explained by Águeda del Val, technical director of the denomination.

The members of the jury have been surprised by the target of the variety verdejo in a denomination in which it is not habitual to try this type of wines. Regarding the rosados, the members of the jury emphasized that they were fresh wines, aromatic, easy to drink and to harmonize with all type of foods.

Finally, the reds, which are the great unknowns of Cigales, have dazzled the tasters because of their great quantity of aromas and their capacity of aging.

In short, and with the sum of everything, the conclusion was the maximum that can be granted: the vintage of Cigales 2016 is “Excellent”