The 2016 vintage of the D.O. Toro is rated ‘excellent’
A committee of experts made up of 85 tasters, including members of the full Board of Regulators of the Toro Denomination of Origin, technical directors of the Regulatory Council of other production areas, sommeliers, winemakers, winemakers and journalists has qualified the vintage 2016 of the Appellation of Origin Toro as “excellent”.
The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of the Junta de Castilla y León, Milagros Marcos, has been in charge of announcing the result of the qualification of the vintage 2016 in the framework of the Wine Fair of Toro, during the days 27 and 28 of May a special year in which the D.O. Turns 30 Accompanied in the pronunciation of the result by the president of the D.O. Toro, Felipe Nalda, and other authorities.

The president of the Appellation of Origin Toro, has thanked “the work of farmers and winemakers, who are the true architects of our wines,” Nalda explained that the Regulatory Council of Toro is following the line to get greater visibility of Wines in the world, introducing new promotional actions as reverse missions, which are completed with the presence in the most prestigious fairs worldwide, as well as actions aimed at young people.

An exceptional vintage
Santiago Castro, technical director of the D.O. Toro explained that the wines of the vintage 2016 “are fresher, with a lot of fruit and with less alcoholic graduation. In addition the grapes had a perfect balance between acidity and PH, which will help to make the wines more longevous.”