Calderona Élite Rosé in the “Dinners with Stars” in Castile and Lion

Villena restaurant closing next Friday, June 25, the initiative Gourmet “Dinner with Stars”, which has allowed six months with menus prepared by some of the most important chefs of Castilla y León, from the restaurants – all with Michelin-star Cocinandos (León), Ramiro’s (Valladolid), The Hermit (Benavente), El Rincon de Antonio (Zamora), Victor Gutierrez (Salamanca and Villena (Segovia). Eight chefs have combined their talents in six events gastronomic reference, which began in January and end on Friday June 25 in Segovia, and for the final race of our wines, the Rosado Calderona Elite, has been chosen to accompany the creations produced by the Michelin stars.

Bodegas Frutos Villar in

Bodegas Frutos Villar has appeared in the newspaper supplement digital wines Fortunately, the momentum of some companies that have fought to change the image of the DO – based on making good wines, of course – has made today things are radically different: it creates new wineries, announced investments of powerful groups winemakers and also all the historical cellars were there – including cooperatives – have signed up to the car quality.